Big Gold Belt
S/T (2010)
Sockets 012/Mud Memory 005

Xstina - vocals, beats
Luke - guitar, beats

If you're a white girl raised on En Vogue and Wu-Tang in D.C.'s hardscrabble northeast suburbs, it ain't easy fitting in when, at age 13, you move to cushy, Pearl Jam-lovin' Bethesda, Md. Still, in 1993, that's what Christina "Xstina" Harper did, clandestinely cultivating a love for Whodini and Pebbles and making hip-hop beats on her four track while singing big band tunes in her mother's swing band. Even while pledging a mean-girl sorority at Syracuse, Xstina kept true to the R&B diva deep inside, writing rhymes, singing backup for Dischord Records' freakout drag artist Edie Sedgwick, and waiting for the moment to express her inner Left-Eye.

With Big Gold Belt, that moment is here.


A Side:
1. Wait
2. Night Vision
3. Eyepatch & A Boombox

B Side:
4. Ice Cream
5. Do Not Disturb