Diastemata (2001)
Mud Memory 003/We Love Records

Meade Krosby - guitar, vocals
Patrick Mucklow - drums

Diastemata was a guitar/drums duo from Washington, DC. Frontwoman Meade Krosby's spidery guitar playing and sultry voice combined with Patrick Mucklow's whipsmart drumming quickly turned the band into Mud Memory's top seller. Unfortunately, after a very successful tour supporting the Dismemberment Plan, they broke up. Perhaps the fact that they traveled in a hearse didn't help.

Diastemata was released in collaboration with Ireland's We Love Records, who pressed a 7" version. Not sure if they still have any, though. You get get them here.


1. Panoramic
2. Idiot Savants
3. Deliverance
4. Suckerhole
5. Slope [this did not appear on the 7" version]